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Hello loves,

Happy October! This month always gets me excited because fall feels are in full swing. Hello pumpkin spice goodies, warm knits, Halloween movies and moments spent in the crisp chill outdoors and home cozied up with your favorites.

To be honest, I love being at home, especially since having moved into the red door. There’s a new sort of comfort and peace that you find in your first place. It all feels refreshing and free as you continue to create within a space that is all your own. One of my favorite parts of it is decorating every inch into something that speaks to you. Personalizing my home to be a place that I feel comfortable and creative within has inspired me in so many ways. I believe that it is so important to have a space that can do that for you–allow you to flourish within your own. 

Today I’ll be sharing some decorations featured in my place that will hopefully inspire you to design your own home into something that you love + are proud of. Scroll down for photos and spots + tips that have helped me turn this spot into something that speaks to my heart.


When it comes to finding decor pieces at an affordable price I turn to local antique shops, thrift stores, DIY’s found on Pinterest and these spots below that never disappoint me.

  • Homegoods: You can never go wrong with this place, however keep in mind that some spots are better than others. Each one can have a different variety of goodies that you won’t find at another. Their bargain prices blow my mind each time too.
  • T.J. Maxx: The same for this one + I always love their clearance sections.
  • Target: Peep the small section when you first walk into Target. They sell the cutest home accents ranging from $1-$5. I also love the red tags found on items throughout the store. These items can even ring up less when you bring them to the register. Score!
  • Hobby Lobby + Michael’s: Many items you find on Pinterest you can create with these shops. They have so many crafts that you can make, and I can’t get enough of how realistic their faux flowers are. 
  • Ikea: Not only does Ikea have affordable furniture, but they also have such adorable decorations–from plants to kitchen pieces. 


  • DIY’s can be your best friend thanks to Pinterest. I have found myself creating, rather than buying, so many things that have saved me major bucks. Why buy something when you can actually customize it yourself? 
  • Repurposing can also save you extra dollars in the bank. Scout local garage sales, Craiglist, or even your family’s homes if they are willing to gift you furniture or decor they no longer need. You can always add a coat of paint, sand it down or turn it into something that fits your style. *I even save bottles that I really like and turn them into vases or statement pieces.* 
  • Coupons have become such a savvy way for me to get things I have had my eye on at a discount. Look through clippings in your newspaper, online or sign up to newsletters from your favorite sites. Most of the time they’ll send you coupons when you least expect it. 

Remember that your space is your’s. It should represent what makes you feel good and what you love–no need to follow trends or aspire to be something else.
It also does not have to be perfect. It will simply be beautiful and all your own. It’s like a piece of art in which you can find yourself always revising and adding another blend of color here and there. There is beauty in progress and beauty in simply letting it be.

Thank you all so much for reading. Happy decorating! xoxo. 

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

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