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Hello loves,

Since my last post life has been a series of happenings–I mean when isn’t it that? But recently it has been one thing after another non-stop. I say this as I’m typing right before I head out for a dentist appointment. So, you can say life has been much more busy than usual. With settling into the red door, making time for family + friends, working and maintaining our new household, while nurturing our own selves, it’s been an experience balancing it all. I can only imagine how it would be with lil babes or even a dog thrown into the mix. *No that isn’t a hint to anything happening any time soon, haha*

Throughout the rest of August and the days of September, Jake and I have been doing a plethora of happenings that I am always ready to share–not only because I love cute posts, tehe, but because it could spark some ideas of your own or get you out there doing something you haven’t thought of before! I adore the idea of sharing more of my life with all of you and an update to what we’ve been living fits that bill.

Scroll to check out what bearded bae and I have been up to while catching life at the red door.

First Pinterest recipe success! Cashew chicken quinoa bake–this was bomb.

I made a trip to the Chicago Rent the Runway location to film for their SnapChat. It was my first time on a plane after years.

Celebrated my little sister’s 15th birthday. That donut cake was everything.

Jake and I visited a state park for a picnic that gave me so many Pride and Prejudice vibes. Hello, Mr. Darcy.

We pup sitted this lil fluff (aka Olive, my mom’s dog) for a weekend. I loved taking him everywhere we went. He really is filled with all the goodness in the world.

I painted a lil something, something to add to our walls. Stay tuned for a diy post on it!

Jake found a baby squirrel on our front lawn on Memorial Day. We named him Harvey and took care of him, then brought him to a wonderful rescue.

We went to Albany to visit our friend and got to go to a wine + apple festival. All the wine you could ask for. Need I say more?

Your girl got a second promotion + raise this year. We celebrated with a delicious dinner at an Italian place. I had pasta with shrimp and crab meat that was mouth watering yum.

Thank you all so much for reading. xoxo. Chat soon! *I promise*

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

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