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If you’ve peeped the title there’s a new series in town on Creatively Victoria called “F L O U R I SH” that’ll be centered on leaving the nest and living on your own. My boyfriend, Jake and I made it a summer goal to move-in together and we found a place! During our rather short process (i.e. saw it on Sunday, applied on Monday, had an interview on Tuesday and got offered it that night) I wanted to share our first home journey–from finding the right place to decorating it and utilizing your space. Despite how quickly we scored our first home, we were avidly preparing + looking for quite a few months, and learned some tips that definitely helped us in our search. I’ll be sharing all of these to help you on your own home journey if you’re ready to leave the coop. 

  • Make a list of home needs–Whether you want your place to have parking space, laundry facilities, allow pets, etc. this will help you mark down the list of options out there + help you hone in on a budget 
  • Speak with family + friends–I got so much advice simply by talking to my family and friends, telling them I’m moving out and they were happy to send me places they saw available or pass over a realtor that was the bomb. If you’re familiar with networking this truly does help with searching, because sometimes a new set of eyes allows you to see something you never thought of before. 
  • Zillow, Apartments.com and Craigslist are lit–These are the top 3 sites I visited on a daily when searching for a place. Zillow is my #1 pick since I not only found my place there, but it also has a lot of neat features too: it sends recommendations to you via email or on the app from recent searches you’ve made and also notifies you if there are any finds that fit your needs. Plus it makes contacting the person in charge of the showing as easy as a click of a button, literally. 
  • Ask questions and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns–Realtors, landlords or whoever is showing you a place truly appreciate honesty. It shows your level of interest and what you really want in a place. When our realtor showed us the place we ended up getting she even told us to let her know if we liked it or not; if not, she’d be happy to show us other places that would fit our criteria. Now, of course this was her job to show places, however we felt the sincerity in her wanting us to be happy in what we picked. Never hold back in what you want. After all, you will be living there. 
  • Make a pros + cons list–Jake and I decided to list the pro’s and con’s of each place we saw right after the viewing. This way we had a clear outline of what it may or may have not met, and we could also compare it to places we’ve seen before. In doing so, it helps show you the best option or helps you realize what would realistically work for you.


 Thank you for reading! Keep your eyes on the lookout for more additions to this series. I’m so excited for this new home journey!

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