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Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation + Pressed Powder Review

Hello loves,

When I found out that Wet n Wild was coming out with a Photo Focus collection ft. new face products I went gaga. Initially I was going to place an order on their site, but with luck, I happened to stumble upon the collection in a local Walgreens. Don’t you just love when that happens? Plus it’s so much more helpful when it is a face product; that way you can color match right then and there. I ended up picking out two products being the Photo Focus Foundation in Soft Beige and the Photo Focus Pressed Powder in Neutral Buff. I’ve been trying out this duo for the past 2 weeks and have gathered my thoughts about them down below to help any of ya’ll who are thinking about picking these up.

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Just In: Skincare Goodies


Hello loves,

Recently I filmed a faul, fall +haul, video on my YouTube channel (Watch it here!) in which I shared a bunch of fashion and beauty items I had purchased that were fall inspired. Now, I wasn’t able to share every beauty product I recently received because let’s be honest—that video was already long as is. Haha. However, that’s what this blog is for! To go on about all of my favorites without a time frame on my endless raves. So, without prolonging it further since I have a lot to say, I’ll be chatting with ya’ll about my latest skincare goodies that my skin has been loving like no tomorrow. Take a read down below and let me know if any of you have tried these products. I’d love to know your thoughts on them!

img_5268 img_5270

BareMinerals Bare Haven Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream: I know what you’re thinking. It’s one of the longest product names ever, but this moisturizer definitely covers everything it stand for. It is moisturizing, a soft cream and has quickly become an essential in my skincare routine. I prep my skin in the morning after I wash my face with this container of heaven, and my skin instantly feels hydrated and ready to start the day. The creamy texture of this moisturizer does not feel heavy at all when soaked into your skin, but instead glides on effortlessly, while still providing the moisturization you’ll need throughout the day.


L’Oréal Advanced Revitalift Eye Cream: I have been searching for an eye cream to try for quite some time. I’ve tried a few here and there, but I’ve never purchased my own before. What I wanted in an eye cream was quality, ingredients to brighten dark circles and anti-aging benefits to help tweak down fine lines. I ended up narrowing it down to this eye cream by L’Oréal that had some of the best reviews out there. I’ve been using this cream for almost a month and my under eye area is starting to appear brighter and smoother by the day. I love the lightweight feel of this product when dabbed into your skin. It’s perfect for anyone that has sensitive skin as well, and a little goes a very long way.


Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream: Since fall has made its way to the East Coast the temperature is beginning to slowly drop, and with that means the cold weather. Cold weather = dry skin, of course. I have combination skin, but when the no-mercy weather comes along it tends to be more dry than oily. Yay me. What I have found that works best for my skin during these times is face masks and thick night creams that help bring hydration back to it. The Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream feels like such a dream when I put it on in the evening. It instantly relaxes me and has my skin feeling ten times better after a long day. The only downside to it is that it can burn your eyes so I recommend applying it nowhere near your under eye area.


SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Foam: This product has been on my must-buy list for a little while, especially after seeing so many other raves about it by my fave beauty bloggers. After using it consistently I totally understand the hype. The Egg White Pore Foam is unlike any skincare product I have used before—and not just because it contains egg white extract. It deep cleans my pores like no other cleanser or mask has done before, and I have seen such a reduction in the size of them within just a couple weeks. It also is a champ in removing makeup and cleaning your skin at the same time making it an A+ for me.

img_5273 img_5278

L’Oréal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask: Speaking about A+ products, the L’Oréal clay masks have been out for a bit, but I recently got the chance to try them out the past month. Out of the trio that was launched, my favorite is the Detox & Brighten Clay Mask made with charcoal. In this mask’s description it states that it will “detoxify and illuminate your skin within 10 minutes.” Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, my friends after using it multiple times this product is true to its word. The best part about it? You can actually see the results afterwards. Say hello to glowing, rejuvenated and healthy skin within minutes.


Mario Badescu Glass Bottle Drying Lotion: Another skincare product with major hype behind it is this fella right here. And I purchased the glass version of it because…well, it’s glass. I really wanted to try this product after hearing so many almost “magical over-night” elements it had. So, I purchased it and have given it a go a few times. It definitely does make any acne that was raised the day before become flat overnight, however it does not get rid of it fully. It just flattens it, which is great if you’re trying to cover it up. I honestly don’t think it’s as incredible has the hype behind it, but it definitely is a quick way to make any acne less noticeable in a cinch.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater: Need I say anything? This Mario Badescu product is a repurchase of mine, and this time around I needed to get the larger bottle. I use this facial spray every day to set my makeup and spritz my skin to give it a little something more. It’s a holy grail skincare product of mine that I don’t see leaving my beauty routine any time soon—unless I run out and have to run to Ulta.

Thank you all for reading! Stay tuned for a new blog post coming your way soon. Until then…

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

Brand Rave: Tony Moly

Hello loves,

I’ve been on such a skin care craze lately, as per my previous post detailing my updated skin care routine. Next to my Spin for Perfect Skin face and body brush and Mario Badescu products, I have become absolutely hooked to South Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly.

Tony Moly was founded in 2008, and its name translates to “stylish packaging.” After taking just a glance at their products, it’s safe to say that translation reigns true. From their fresh food mask sheets that picture adorable doodles to their innovative and quirky packaging found with their other products. Now, Tony Moly isn’t just a brand that has products made with cute packaging—within each product’s formula, ethical and organic ingredients are used that your skin will happily soak up.

IMG_5420 IMG_5422 IMG_5419

I definitely recommend to first try out Tony Moly’s fresh food mask sheets if you’re new to this brand. Each mask is unique, nourishing and provides your skin with beneficial elements, leaving it with stellar results. The mask sheets I believe are a fun and easy way to try new ingredients that you’ve never used before—or use ingredients that you have tried before in a whole new way. Take their Tea Tree Mask Sheet for instance; I’ve used tea tree based products in the past, but this mask sheet made my skin reap the benefits of the ingredient more than ever before, all within 30 minutes.


All you have to do when using one of these mask sheets is wet your face with water, gently remove the mask from its packaging, lay it flat against your face and make sure it lines up with your features, then set a timer for 30 minutes. You’re skin will immediattely feel like its being refreshed not only within that time span, but afterwards as well. Once the 30 minutes is up, I remove the mask sheet and then just softly pat the rest of the oil into my skin. I let it sit there and allow my skin to soak up the rest of it, leaving it hydrated, brighter and incredibly soft.

If you’re interested in trying Tony Moly’s products, including their mask sheets yourself, you can purchase them on Tony Moly’s site, your local Ulta, Sephora and Urban Outfitters, or their sites as well.

If you’ve tried Tony Moly before please share your thoughts below! Have any questions regarding this brand? Feel free to mention them as well and I’d be happy to answer them.

Happy shopping, loves!


Lots of Love, Victoria.

My Skin Care Routine Ft. Vanity Planet


Hello loves,

My skin care routine has been through so many changes ever since I reached by 20’s—much like my skin itself. When I was a teenager, my skin was prone to minor breakouts and was just slightly oily. However, it seemed that as soon as I turned 20, my skin took on a whole new change. It became much more oily than I was ever used to, which led me to trying a bucket load of products to try and maintain it. Fast forward to now, my 23-year-old skin, and it’s a combination of a handful of aspects. My nose and T-zone are the areas on my face that are most prone to oil buildup, while my cheeks, chin and upper brow bone area tend to have dry spots from time to time.  My skin has also become very sensitive, causing breakouts to appear on my cheeks over anything it doesn’t agree with; some of this includes scented moisturizers and skin care products with a high percentage of glycolic acid.

Talk about a lot to keep up with, right? But what I’ve learned is that as you grow over the years, so does your skin, and in turn your skin care routine needs to as well in order to give your skin exactly what it needs. After some trial and error, my skin has been feeling refreshed, revitalized and absolutely nourished as of late—all thanks to my skin care routine, which is filled with new and oldie, yet goodie products I am smitten with. Don’t worry. I’m not keeping it a secret to how my skin is feeling amazing, but rather sharing it with all of you in hopes to help anyone that is going through skin changes like I experienced. So, let’s get into all the details shall we?

IMG_5569 IMG_5577 IMG_5571

I’ll start off with the little gadget I recently purchased that has really turned around my skin’s appearance. The Spin for Perfect Skin face and body brush by Vanity Planet has become a real life changer. I first became introduced to this brush from Simply_Kenna on YouTube, and then a handful of other YouTubers and bloggers afterwards who raved about the after effects it left them with. I’ve always been curious about adding a powered brush to my skin care routine, including the Clarisonic, but Vanity Planet’s “amazing taste with minimal investment” aesthetic definitely sold me—not to mention, their products are cruelty-free as well, which is a number one yes in my beauty book. After spotting Casey Leigh’s incredible deal (a bargain for $30 when it usually retails for $100) on her blog, The Wiegands, I quickly purchased my own brush and have been happy with it ever since I first turned it on.


The Spin for Perfect Skin face and body brush comes with four brushes: a cleansing, body, exfoliating brush and pumice stone—each designed to be soft, gentle and effective on your skin. I use mine in the morning and evening to really amp up my skin care routine.

IMG_5582 IMG_5587IMG_5584 IMG_5585

In the morning all I do is wet my face and the cleansing brush, add two pumps of the Olay Refreshing Gel Cleanser (at night I use the Cetaphil Daily Cleanser) directly onto the brush, place it on my skin, turn it on and move it in light circular motions over my face. Once my skin is fully cleansed, I just shut the brush off and rinse my face. If I need to exfoliate, I do it in the morning, and use either the St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask or Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimizer (which I use only twice a week). I switch the cleansing brush with the exfoliating one and just repeat the same steps. When my skin is all squeaky clean, I make sure to wash my brushes with soap and lukewarm water, then let them air dry until it’s time to use them again at night.

IMG_5405 IMG_5410 IMG_5413 IMG_5414

I immediately follow-up with the Mario Badescu  Aloe Vera Toner, by just soaking a cotton ball and brushing it over my skin, a few spritzs of the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater and then a moisturizer (lately I’ve been using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion). Then tada! I’m left with skin that’s glowing, hydrated and incredibly fresh throughout the day. I’ve been sticking to this routine for the past couple of weeks, and my skin has shown a noticeable difference. It’s much more firm, my breakouts are lessening, pores have shrunk in size, and my skin’s glow has definitely become brighter. If you’re on the lookout for new products, or a brush, I definitely recommend all of the above.

Let me know if ya’ll have any questions about the products I mentioned. If you want to get your hands on some of your own, just click the links up above. Happy shopping, gals.

How has your skin and skin care routine changed over the years? 


Lots of Love, Victoria.