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Refreshed Feelin’

Hello loves,

Happy March! Hope this month has kicked off on a beautiful note for each of you. This month feels like a pure, good one for some reason and I am glowing with all the energy I’m feeling from it. Speaking of feeling—the warm weather has certainly visited us on the East Coast making spring feel an arm’s reach away. You know how everyone has at least one favorite month? For a little mine was summer, mostly in high school, since that was the majority favorite. Then for a time in college it was fall and then it was winter. Now though, as the season changes, so does my favorite and you probably are thinking it already; yes, spring has become my new favorite.

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Mimosa Madness


Hi loves,

I’m sorry bunches for being a bit M.I.A lately! I’ve been such a busy bee with working that making the time to sit down and write to ya’ll has been almost impossible. Luckily though, I’m finally typing away, on none other than my favorite day of the week, happy to share a style post with you featuring a delightful brand that I hope will put a smile on your faces.

IMG_0123IMG_0148 IMG_0132 IMG_0149

Say hello to Daisy Natives,  a magical brand created by an extraordinary babe named Sarah Lapp who curates some out-of-this-world tees for the little nerds, creators, unicorns, go-getters, brunch addicts and superwoman gals we all can be. I have been ga-ga over Daisy Natives ever since I came across this small brand on Instagram about a year ago. Since that time, I have watched Sarah Lapp’s bundle of joy grow more and more, which has been truly magical to witness. From her “Girls Support Girls” tee (stay tuned for a style post ft. it this week) that has grabbed millions of girls’ attention, and is currently being sold on ModCloth, to all of the epic sayings that are painted over each tee she comes out with—including the one I’ll be sharing with you today. With her authenticity and badass aura there’s no denying that Sarah is a dream-come-true for all of us quirky gals in the fashion world.

I’ll be sharing with ya’ll two style posts featuring my lil’ collection of tees (that will be growing, I’m sure) from Daisy Natives. And what more of a perfect way to start than with her “Mimosa Tee” on a Sunday? So grab yourself a glass of champagne + OJ and gain some style inspo with this bright number!

IMG_0145Mimosa 4 Mimosa 3
IMG_0143 Mimosa 2 Mimosa 1
IMG_0135 IMG_0136

I am a diehard fan over mimosas. I could drink them by the pitcherfull and never have any regrets…well, until the next morning that is. Needless to say, I needed this tee in my life when my eyes landed on it. I swear Sarah makes all my thoughts a reality with what she creates. A mimosa tee for a mimosa babe. It’s a match made in brunch heaven. Paired with a trendy denim skirt, blush wedge-heeled espadrilles and a knotted head wrap you’ll be ready for any festivity you’re attending—including brunch, of course.

IMG_0158 IMG_0126

Snag your own Daisy Natives merch at www.daisynatives.com. Be sure to follow @daisynatives on Insta as well and show Sarah some love!

P.S. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this fun series coming this week! <3

Tee:  Here
Skirt: Here
Wedges: Here
Headband: Similar Here and Here

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

Brand Rave: Tony Moly

Hello loves,

I’ve been on such a skin care craze lately, as per my previous post detailing my updated skin care routine. Next to my Spin for Perfect Skin face and body brush and Mario Badescu products, I have become absolutely hooked to South Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly.

Tony Moly was founded in 2008, and its name translates to “stylish packaging.” After taking just a glance at their products, it’s safe to say that translation reigns true. From their fresh food mask sheets that picture adorable doodles to their innovative and quirky packaging found with their other products. Now, Tony Moly isn’t just a brand that has products made with cute packaging—within each product’s formula, ethical and organic ingredients are used that your skin will happily soak up.

IMG_5420 IMG_5422 IMG_5419

I definitely recommend to first try out Tony Moly’s fresh food mask sheets if you’re new to this brand. Each mask is unique, nourishing and provides your skin with beneficial elements, leaving it with stellar results. The mask sheets I believe are a fun and easy way to try new ingredients that you’ve never used before—or use ingredients that you have tried before in a whole new way. Take their Tea Tree Mask Sheet for instance; I’ve used tea tree based products in the past, but this mask sheet made my skin reap the benefits of the ingredient more than ever before, all within 30 minutes.


All you have to do when using one of these mask sheets is wet your face with water, gently remove the mask from its packaging, lay it flat against your face and make sure it lines up with your features, then set a timer for 30 minutes. You’re skin will immediattely feel like its being refreshed not only within that time span, but afterwards as well. Once the 30 minutes is up, I remove the mask sheet and then just softly pat the rest of the oil into my skin. I let it sit there and allow my skin to soak up the rest of it, leaving it hydrated, brighter and incredibly soft.

If you’re interested in trying Tony Moly’s products, including their mask sheets yourself, you can purchase them on Tony Moly’s site, your local Ulta, Sephora and Urban Outfitters, or their sites as well.

If you’ve tried Tony Moly before please share your thoughts below! Have any questions regarding this brand? Feel free to mention them as well and I’d be happy to answer them.

Happy shopping, loves!


Lots of Love, Victoria.