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Cruelty-Free Curly Hair Products

Hello loves, 

I sit here typing this with a head full of big curls that have been growing in volume and health like no tomorrow. As some of you may know, I’ve been transitioning into the cruelty-free beauty world–including haircare, makeup and skincare. The transition has been a process, and still is, but I am so very proud of making this change. It is an educational journey that truly makes you more self-aware about the products + brands you are purchasing and supporting. 

Throughout my search for cruelty-free products that my skin and hair love I have discovered brands that put so much care into what they create and how it impacts the world. My cruelty-free collection has continued to grow with these additions and I am so excited to share them with you! Today’s products are all curly hair focused (shout out to my curly haired gals) and know how to treat these sensitive, and often mind of its own locks. Whether you’re on the search for new curly hair brands or your curls need or a little extra lovin’ these products may just be what you need.

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