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Food Blogs That Have Me Craving More


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If you know me you know that I have two loves in my life that can never be faltered—one is for elephants, and the other is for food (after God, family, friends, etc. of course). Teehee. Today we’re focusing on my love affair with food though. I’m a foodie down to the core and if I’m not tweeting about my obsession with Master Chef or Top Chef then I’m binge watching on all the foodie related shows on Netflix. Shoutout to Iron Chef America! I’ve always felt such a sense of relaxation when it comes to food. Following the steps in a recipe, experimenting in the kitchen or just watching someone else prepare a meal has always filled me with such warmth and comfort. It’s probably why you’ll find me covered in flour with a sink full of bowls during a baking session if something is truly bothering me.

 I find solace in the creation of food and see it just as another form of art. It is always intriguing to me too that if just one ingredient is missed, added or overworked it can affect what ends up on your plate in such a significant way. Your taste buds of course will be the first to tell.

Lately though what has been making me crave food more isn’t just what I’ve been tasting, but what I’ve been seeing from four incredibly talented food bloggers. Whether it’s their mouthwatering Instagram account or eye-catching blog posts that make me want to try each and every recipe—these food blogs will make your heart and tummy feel full in the best way.

Oh She Swooned

The name of this blog just gets me every time. Created by Mary Elliot, her blog Oh She Swooned has such meaning behind every recipe she posts that it just makes you  want to smile. I feel that soft comfort every time I’m cooking in a kitchen when reading her posts. She truly has a way with not just food, but words as well and I am effortlessly swept into each story that she shares on her blog.

Instagram @ohsheswooned

The Sugar Hit

The Sugar Hit is a sugar rush just waiting to occur. Sarah Coates is a badass babe in the when it comes to whipping up something delicious. Her quote, “We welcome salads, we welcome fries, we welcome donuts baked and fried, all we require is deliciousness and a bit of a laugh” stuck out to me right away when I first discovered her blog and it is definitely something to note that shows the type of incredible person she is. Not to mention that I cannot get over the ’90s feels her blog’s theme gives me. Raise your hands ’90s babies!

Instagram @thesugarhit

The Story of a Cake

It doesn’t bother me one bit that I do not understand a word of Slovak, yet The Story of a Cake is written entirely that language. Sure, I Google translate it, but just browsing through this blog and seeing the photos is enough for me sometimes. Each photo that blogger Marta Marcakova captures is like a memory stuck in time. It’s as if she is capturing her food right after it has had its finishing touches—so right then we see it in all its glory. Definitely click over to her blog or Instagram and you’ll understand what I mean with her head turning creations.

Instagram @astoryofacake

Constellation Inspiration

When I stumbled across Constellation Inspiration my heart totally skipped a beat. My entire aesthetic is captured by Amy H. in her food design making me fall head over heels for whatever she makes. There is such a subtle romance I find in her blog posts and photos as well that really draws me in. It makes me want to know the story behind each recipe and has me heading to her blog numerous times a week.

Instagram @constellationinspiration

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