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F L O U R I SH | Tips For Finding Your First Home

Hello loves,


If you’ve peeped the title there’s a new series in town on Creatively Victoria called “F L O U R I SH” that’ll be centered on leaving the nest and living on your own. My boyfriend, Jake and I made it a summer goal to move-in together and we found a place! During our rather short process (i.e. saw it on Sunday, applied on Monday, had an interview on Tuesday and got offered it that night) I wanted to share our first home journey–from finding the right place to decorating it and utilizing your space. Despite how quickly we scored our first home, we were avidly preparing + looking for quite a few months, and learned some tips that definitely helped us in our search. I’ll be sharing all of these to help you on your own home journey if you’re ready to leave the coop. 

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