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F L O U R I S H | Home Decor Spots, Tips and Inspo

Hello loves,

Happy October! This month always gets me excited because fall feels are in full swing. Hello pumpkin spice goodies, warm knits, Halloween movies and moments spent in the crisp chill outdoors and home cozied up with your favorites.

To be honest, I love being at home, especially since having moved into the red door. There’s a new sort of comfort and peace that you find in your first place. It all feels refreshing and free as you continue to create within a space that is all your own. One of my favorite parts of it is decorating every inch into something that speaks to you. Personalizing my home to be a place that I feel comfortable and creative within has inspired me in so many ways. I believe that it is so important to have a space that can do that for you–allow you to flourish within your own. 

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F L O U R I SH | Red Door Happenings

Hello loves,

Since my last post life has been a series of happenings–I mean when isn’t it that? But recently it has been one thing after another non-stop. I say this as I’m typing right before I head out for a dentist appointment. So, you can say life has been much more busy than usual. With settling into the red door, making time for family + friends, working and maintaining our new household, while nurturing our own selves, it’s been an experience balancing it all. I can only imagine how it would be with lil babes or even a dog thrown into the mix. *No that isn’t a hint to anything happening any time soon, haha*

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Denim, Denim, Denim | Take 1

Hello loves, 

Ever since summer kicked off I have had my eyes set on one thing, denim. And not just any denim that is—denim shoes. They’re my latest fashion crush that I cannot get enough of. Whenever I think of them I’m just like, “denim, denim, denim”…and then I remind myself of the noises in a Super Mario game.  My shoe obsession has had me breaking in any pair of denim shoes I get my hands on like no tomorrow. They’re comfy, durable and add a fresh vibe to anything I pair them with—what’s not to love? 

I’ll be sharing my denim shoe love with all of you showcasing the 3 pairs I wear the most…okay, wear Sun-Mon honestly because I’m in love! First up, these pair of denim mules that I had my eyes on from F21. I call these my fancy slippers since they remind me of house slippers, but you can certainly wear them out. Paired with a pj inspired look and you have an outfit that creates a fun spin with your favorite lounge wear. 

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Refreshed Feelin’

Hello loves,

Happy March! Hope this month has kicked off on a beautiful note for each of you. This month feels like a pure, good one for some reason and I am glowing with all the energy I’m feeling from it. Speaking of feeling—the warm weather has certainly visited us on the East Coast making spring feel an arm’s reach away. You know how everyone has at least one favorite month? For a little mine was summer, mostly in high school, since that was the majority favorite. Then for a time in college it was fall and then it was winter. Now though, as the season changes, so does my favorite and you probably are thinking it already; yes, spring has become my new favorite.

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Girl Power All Day Erry Day


Hi loves,

Vic here with the second post to my Daisy Natives mini series! I know I have enough excitement for all of us when kicking off the last style post to my lil’ duo. Don’t worry though—there’ll be more to come in the future too. I mean could you blame me after taking a look at Daisy Natives’ tees? If you haven’t checked out my first post yet featuring one of my fave brands evaaa just take a scroll down or click here. Fingers crossed you won’t regret it.

IMG_9762 IMG_9771 IMG_9754

Now, it should go without saying that I absolutely love supporting other gals in their creative endeavors. Whether you want to write poems, love to make the cutest homemade items, are trying to make your dreams of big city livin’ a reality or anything else you put your heart into—I am all about girls uplifting, motivating, loving, inspiring and supporting one another. No matter if it’s a little action from commenting to how much you admire what they do or if it’s a big action, like promoting them as much as you can. Haiii Sarah (aka Daisy Natives’ girl boss) haiii! Empowering the rad, powerful and wonderful women I meet makes me believe that we can really make any changes within the world together.

The “Girls Support Girls” tee, available in pink and white, by Daisy Natives supports this movement full of girl power like no tomorrow. Worn by some of my favorite creative babes that I admire, this tee has become a must-have for any girl boss out in the world; so much so that it is even being sold on ModCloth and is now available in pin form!

IMG_9776 IMG_9774 IMG_9773

I honestly could wear this tee every day of the week and never get tired of it. With a message like that, how could you?!

Want to show your girl power all day erry day? Then snag your very own tee (or pin!) on Daisy Natives today. <3 You’ll be supporting an extraordinary gal as well—and that’s a win, win in my book.

Tee:  Here
Shorts: Similar Here and Here
Tote: Here
Headband: Mom’s scarf tied up.

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

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