V-Day Look + Self-Love & More Love

Hello loves,

I hope you all are having a lovely + loving February. During this month, remember that giving yourself the love you need not only can benefit yourself, but others around you too. I know, that with this month comes Valentine’s Day; and with Valentine’s Day can come the worries of not having a date or someplace to go or someone to be with and post photos for the gram. Please be easy with yourself. You do not need to be with someone or rush to have a romantic partner/connection just because of one day. Love does not have to romantically involve another person. Love comes in all forms-most importantly coming from the one that should be at the center of it all, yourself.

Growing your self-love and caring for it on a daily basis is meant to help you flourish from the inside, out. We all probably have heard the saying that, “when you look good, you feel good” and I truly believe that with all my heart. I have had some pretty crumby days during my 23 years of life, however when I have a day of focusing on myself, I find myself ten times more brighter the next. I literally feel myself radiating as if my soul has been revitalized with all the goodness that makes me happy. Self-love does not have to include vast gestures, planning or actions. It can be incredibly simple such as lighting a candle, reading a book, reorganizing your room + adding something different, trying a new lip color you never thought you’d like as much, and feeling exceptional, giving your skin care routine an extra few minutes or planning for the future. It is whatever that will create joy within you during a moment. The more you do this, the more it will add up.

I find self-love in lounging when I am able to, watching period films, drawing, writing out all of the thoughts that come to me right away, redecorating my room, painting my nails, creating a new makeup look after a long time, looking at baby animals, finding new Instagram pages that make me smile, scrolling through Tumblr, and much, much more. In today’s V-day look I am sharing with ya’ll I am representing that self-love because I felt so darn good with this makeup creation. All of the pink metallic tones + highlight + space buns + little heart detail had me excited just to rock it for as long as I could. Shoot, I want to make that little heart detail a thing that can be super sweet to do everyday. Would anyone be down? Shout it out!

For my eyes, I used Luxie eye shadows in the hues Lust, Playful and No. 74 with the shades Love Letter and Vermeer from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I really was itching to create a pink makeup look full of different pink tones and cute lil’ heart to finish it off. Plus with this bun duo? I am smitten. I probably am I going to do a little more subtle version of this for Valentine’s Day, but let’s be honest-I totes would want to wear this look everyday if I had the time and motivation, haha.

Let me know what you do to give yourself more love + care.  As well as if you try this look!

Thank you so much for reading. <3

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Lots of Love, Victoria.

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